Falcon Eyes 40cm Bi-Color LED Lamp Sophiez



Falcon Eyes 40cm Bi-Color LED Lamp Sophiez.

  • Modern LED solution providing extremely soft light
  • Individual LEDs are not visible, one soft light is produced
  • 48 Watts
  • Light produced within a 65 degree angle
  • Power via the supplied power adapter or optional V-mount battery (sold separately)
  • Also included is a V-mount to NP-F adapter, which allows the SO-48TD to operate on two NP-F batteries

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The Falcon Eyes SO-48TDX II (The modern version of the SO-48TD) is a modern LED solution which provides extremely soft light. The individual LEDs are not visible, but rather one soft light is being produced. The wattage of the SO-48TD is 48 watts. The light is produced within a 65 degree angle, with a CRI value of 95 providing natural colors. The brightness of the light is adjustable with the built-in touchscreen. It is also possible to adjust the color temperature, from 3000K to 5600K. You can power the SO-68TD with the supplied power adapter or optional v-mount battery. Also included is a V-mount to NP-F adapter, which allows the SO-48TD to operate on two NP-F batteries. Comes with padded storage bag.

The SO-48TD is great for video recordings in your studio or on location. Even when making portrait photographs, this type of light is being used much more. The soft, widespread light provides a natural representation of the subject. The spigot connector allows the SO-48TD to fit on almost any light stand. The hinges at the side of the lamp  allows you to adjust the lamp to almost any angle. Using the control panel on the back of the lamp, you can control multiple lamps simultaneously with one control panel. All you have to do is set the lights on the same channel (A / B / C / D). Even when using different types of lamps from the Sophiez, LPL and RX series, you can control them with only one control panel. The Sophiez lamps with 'TDX' in their name do not work with the 'TD' versions. For example, you can not control the SO-48TD wirelessly with the SO-108TDX. With the SO-48TD this works fine.

The SO-48TDX II (TDX version 2) can be seen as an upgrade/re-style of the SO-48TD. In addition to the familiar functionalities, you can now use 9 themed effects, such as flashing lights, lightning and candlelight. This offers even more possibilities for video recordings, for example. In addition, the control menu has been changed with which you determine the settings - such as colour temperature - of the lamp. To operate the SO-48TDX II remotely you need the RC-5B remote control (optional accessory). Do you still have the regular SO-48TD? Then control the lamp using the Falcon Eyes RC-6. To control several TDX lamps centrally, you can now use DMX or the remote control.

The SO-48TDX II is a suitable accessory for photo and video recordings in your studio, but also on location. Because of its soft, comfortable light and round shape, the LED lamp is ideal for portrait photography, for example. What's more, in contrast to torch, you can see in advance what effect the light will have on the subject. The soft, widespread light (65 degrees) ensures a natural reproduction of the subject. 

Box Contents

1x Falcon Eyes SO-48TDX II (previously known as SO-48TD)

1x Power cable

1x Carry bag

1x Antenna

1x V-mount to NP-F adapter

1x Manual

Number of LED's 240
Power Consumption48W
AdjustabilityContinuously Variable
Dimensions48.5 x 46.5 x 6.5 cm
Weight2.3 Kg
Light Output (LUX) @ 0.5m4700
Light Output (LUX) @ 1m1260
Light Output (LUX) @ 2m341
Cooling FanNo
Colour Temperature3000K-5600K