HiGlide Spring Removal / Adjustment Tool



HiGlide Spring Removal / Adjustment Tool.

  • Length 21cm
  • Supplied Singly
  • Mild Steel, Powder coated design
  • Compatible With Any HiGlide System
  • Made in the UK



The HiGlide Spring Removal Tool should always be used when removing, or altering the tension of any HiGlide Constant Force Spring attached to a LiteLift Pantograph.

While a simple accessory, this Spring Removal Tool should always be purchased when changing lighting fixtures mounted to your HiGlide System, or replacing lighting  modifiers you may find it necessary to alter the tension on the springs fitted inside your HiGlide Pantographs. This should under no circumstances be done by hand as this could result in serious injury. The use of the Spring Removal Tool will make this operation, quick, easy and safe for the photographer, engineer, or technician. 

Please note: All HiGlide LiteLift Pantographs are supplied and fitted with constant force springs. No matter where the pantograph is situated in its travel, either fully extended, or fully closed the force remains the same, so care has to be taken in altering, or replacing the springs. 

Please note: A Single Spring Removal Tool is supplied with every new Pantograph.Only needed for purchase in case of loss, or damage.

Compatible with any existing Bowens Hi-Glide systems.