LuxS 10Kg Snake Bag



LuxS 10Kg Snake Bag.

  • Sealed unit ready filled with weight to 10 Kg
  • Strong plastic clips to join 2 or more together
  • Perfect for underwater, outdoors and windy conditions
  • 1 metre long in 3 flexible sections

Made in the UK to order, please allow up to 5 working days for delivery


Unique to LuxS 10Kg FILLED snake bag Weight Bag (Sand Bag) Counter balance

Comes sealed, ready filled with weight to 10Kg.

Strong plastic clips allow the snakes to be joined together to form a longer chain or back on to itself.

Ideal for underwater & outdoor / windy conditions

Size approx. 1metre long in 3 flexible sections  Weight 10Kg


Weight10 Kg
Length100cm - 1 metre