Manfrotto Fast GimBoom Carbon Fibre



Manfrotto Fast GimBoom Carbon Fibre.

  • Universal fitting with your Gimbal (3/8'' & 1/4'' top screw)
  • Payload up to 6,5 kg at the maximum Gimboom extension
  • FAST Twisting lock technology for quick and easy use.
  • Exceptionally lightweight with its 800 gramms-full carbon fibre
  • Full extended (1,15 m)double compared to the min. working length

Get smooth, stable and dynamic video footage by choosing the best gimbal stabilizer for your camera.

The Manfrotto Gim boom offers exactly that and far more. You will also get a versatile and flexible solution, moving from ground level to overhead position (drone perspective), raising your production values to the next level.

This accessory has been exclusively developed by Manfrotto for gimbal application.

Features and benefits:

Designed for gimbal support - Giving the user complete control from ground level up to 3.5 metres

Compact and light design - It is exceptionally compact at 51cm when completely closed but can be extended to a maximum of 1.15m and only weighs 800g.  However, it is also incredibly strong due to its carbon fibre structure.

Fast Technology - Using Manfrotto's Twist Lock Technology the GimBoom is incredibly quick and easy to use.  A simple twisting motion is all it takes to extend the telescopic sections of the GimBoom into position. The GimBoom is made up of 3 sections

Versatility - Manfrotto has designed the GimBoom for gimbal owners looking for more versatility and flexibility.

Standard 3/8" and 1/4" top attachment screw to connect the Gimbal.

MaterialCarbon Fibre Tubes + Machined Aluminium Components
Safety Payload Weight6.5 Kg at maximum extension
Maximum Working Extension115cm
Minimum Working Extension 51.5cm
Closed Length 51.5cm
No of sections3
Top Attachment3/8" and 1/4"
Bottom Attachment 3/8" thread
Accessories Attachment3 x 1/4" thread
Weight0.8 Kg