Manfrotto Panoramic Background Collapsible Support 4m with Choice of Cover

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Panoramic B/G with Choice of Cover

Manfrotto Panoramic Background Collapsible Support 4m with Choice of Cover.

  • Self supporting background
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Great for groups
  • Stretches to remove creases
  • Very portable

Choose your cover from the dropdown menu.


The Panoramic background has quickly become the go to background for busy photographers needing a 4m wide, seamless, crease free, collapsible solution. Built around a three-panel collapsible lightweight aluminium framework, it is completely self-supporting so there is no need for additional stands and crossbars. Once assembled in a matter of minutes, the seamless cover is simply clipped onto the framework and the stretchable cover fabric ensures a flat crease free surface. Unlike other large seamless background solutions, the Panoramic Background collapses down to an impressive 100cm x 30cm x 35cm size, making it very easy to transport. It is perfect for shooting larger groups, shooting with props or creating the negative space in a photograph.

The Panoramic Background has covers available in Black, White, Chroma Key Green, Chroma Key Blue, Granite and Limestone.

The Granite cover offers a stone texture effect with a full range of grey tones and a dark vignette around the edges.

The Limestone cover offers a subtle range of mid to light greys giving the effect of a Limestone surface.

Width - In Bag 35cm
Depth - In Bag 30cm
Length - In Bag 104cm
Weight - In Bag 9 Kg
Weight  4.5 Kg
Width 4m
Height 2.3m