Manfrotto StudioLink Chroma Key Blue Screen Kit 3 x 3m


LL LR83352

Manfrotto StudioLink Chroma Key Blue Screen Kit 3 x 3m.

  • Large 3 x 3m (10’ x 10’) Chroma Key Screen
  • Available in chroma key green and blue
  • Easy to set up
  • Packs down into convenient Rigid Case
  • Made in the UK



The StudioLink Background from Manfrotto is a unique modular chroma key background system for use either in the studio or on location.

Once assembled, multiple 3 x 3m StudioLink screens can be joined together using the StudioLink Chroma Key Connection Kit (available separately) to form various configurations; side by side in a straight line or as a curvature up to the point of creating a full 360 degree enclosure. In addition, screens singularly or side-by-side can be rigged (using standard grip equipment) one above the other to create a second tier of screens.

In order to join the screens together side-by-side, the optional StudioLink Connection Kit includes three hinge brackets to join the aluminium frames and a ‘clip on’ chroma key joining strip to conceal the aluminium frames and the hinge brackets. When using screens one above the other or when standing a screen on a chroma key floor, each clip on the chroma key cover incorporates a six inch sewn in skirt on the bottom edge to conceal the aluminium frame and provide a continuation of the chroma key surface to the panel below or the floor.

StudioLink Chroma Key Connection Kit is available separately. Available in green and blue.

Individual covers are available for users who may want to switch between chroma key green and blue.

The StudioLink Chroma Key Blue Kit 3 x 3m includes:

1 x Rapid Assembly Aluminium Frame

1 x Clip on Chroma Key Blue Cover

1 x Rigid Carry Case


ColourChromakey Blue