Manfrotto Vinyl Floor Strip 1.37m x 4m Chroma Key Green


LL LB7965

Manfrotto Vinyl Floor Strip 1.37m x 4m Chroma Key Green.

  • Pairs perfectly with the Manfrotto Chroma Key Background range
  • Modular strips can be used individually or joined together
  • Hard-wearing, easy to clean and reusable
  • Matte finish – to prevent unwanted reflections
  • Strong aluminium inner-core tube

The Vinyl Floor Strip 1.37m x 4m Chroma Key Green is a modular floor created to pair perfectly with Manfrotto’s leading chroma key green background solutions such as the Panoramic, Chroma Key FX and Studio Link.

These compact rolls are easy to transport due to their manageable length and are designed to be used in different configurations to create a working floor area tailored to the users’ requirements.

They can be used individually, in a 2x2 formation, 1x3 formation or however large or small required.

In keeping with Manfrotto’s existing chroma key range, the modular floor strips offer the professional content creator the ultimate flexibility; one day they may need only one panoramic background with a single floor strip, the next they may need two panoramic backgrounds joined together and a large floor area to work within a wraparound studio set up. The beauty of this solution is that it gives the user the ability to customise their set up each time they use it.

Being vinyl, they are also wipe clean, crease free and reusable and they also have a matte finish, which prevents any unwanted reflections and aids seamless keying in post-production.