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Elinchrom Skyport Universal Plus Set 19370

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Elinchrom's Skyport Universal Plus Set is durable, reliable and simple to use.

The transmitter fits onto the standard hotshoe of most digital SLR cameras (Sony/Minolta require an adaptor) and with a swivel function for optimum orientation it will trigger a remote Elinchrom flash unit with an in-built Skyport receiver (namely BXRi, D-Lite, Quadra, ELC and ELB400) or any other unit connected to the Skyport Receiver. Offering an extended range of up to 200m, 16 channels with 4 groups in each and full compatibility with the Skyport Speed system. Powered by 2x AA batteriesthe unit comes complete with a 2.5mm to PC Sync Cord (transmitter), a 5mm to 3.5mm sync cord, a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter, wrist straps and 3 year UK warranty.

Item 19370