Lastolite TriGrip Diffuser Large 1.2m 2 Stops LL LR3707

(£73.33 excl. VAT)

Lastolite Large TriGrip diffuser for shots that require full body illumination with diffused light. Replacing the need for a regular shaped diffuser the TriGrip diffusers utilise a triangular design which provides a much stronger and more stable structure. They also feature a moulded handle with securing strap, allowing accurate positioning with one hand. This means light can be diffused into awkward spots that would've previously required a stand system.The securing strap also allows you to support the reflector without actually gripping the handle, reducing pressure on your wrist and fingers when held for a long time.


Collapsible and reversible

Carry bag included

Allows to hold the trigrip with just one hand

Ergonomic moulded handle with strap

Collapses to a third of the original size