Rycote HC-15 Short Shotgun Microphone



Rycote HC-15 Short Shotgun Microphone.

  • Performance is equal or better than more expensive professional microphones
  • Offers a self-noise level lower than almost any equivalent sized shotgun mic at any price
  • Full range of accessories available from the Rycote range
  • Designed and made in the UK



The Rycote HC-15 is a hypercardioid short shotgun microphone designed for a wide range of applications in cinema, TV, ENG, live broadcast, sound design, studio and field recording.

The HC-15 combines a moderately directional polar pattern with extremely low self-noise. This provides some level of off-axis rejection and isolation with a precise sound quality to match, making the HC-15 a great all around mic for many recording environments.


  • Professional broadcast quality and individually fine-tuned back electret capsule
  • Compact design
  • Ultra low noise circuitry
  • Sophisticated RF shielding
  • Low power consumption¬†


  • Gold-plated Neutrik XLR connector
  • RF-Protection
  • Active in-line filtering
  • Fine-tuned mechanical RF shielding
  • Thoroughly tested against digital wireless systems and walkie talkies


  • Preamp made from non-corrosive machined brass - low impedence to ensure best possible and longest lasting RF shielding
  • Capsule / Interference tube made from lightweight machined aluminium
  • Weight balanced to help keep center of gravity further back to provide improved handling when using Rycote Lyre shock mounts and slip-on wind protection

HC-15 Specification Sheet