Rycote Nano Shield Kit NS6-DD

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Rycote Nano Shield Kit NS6-DD

  • Mix and Match Basket Design
  • Lighter, Smaller & More Flexible
  • Advanced Lyre® Mounts
  • No Tools Required
  • RF Filter & Low Cut XLR

The Nano Shield offers an enhanced level of wind protection paired with improved acoustic transparency. The kits are smaller and on average weigh 30% lighter than Modular Windshield Kits. The new advanced Lyre® mounts are also more compliant and offer better handling noise reduction. Overall the Nano Shield Kits raise the bar for performance and versatility.

The Nano Shield kits use a unique magnetic locking basket design which can be configured to fit various microphone sizes by simply swapping out basket halves. Each size of basket half can interlock with any other size. They also have two manual locking sliders to hold everything secure and noise free. Quickly and easily access mics by simply pulling the halves apart.

The Nano Shield kits are on average 30% lighter than standard kits and have a smaller footprint when used with the same microphones. The basket shell is made from semi-rigid material that combines strength with flexibility. Layers of extra wind shielding can easily be added as you move from indoors to outdoors.

Rycote has advanced its patented Lyre mount and redesigned them specifically for the Nano Shield kits. While the basic shape might look similar, the material, thickness, center of gravity and mechanical properties have been engineered to provide a more compliant handling response in the direction the microphone is pointing whilst giving more stability in other directions to prevent mics from ‘bottoming-out’ or moving side-to-side.

The Lyre mounts and mounting bar on the Nano Shield can be adjusted, repositioned or swapped out by loosening / tightening the thumbwheel attached to the bar. Likewise, the swivel arm can be repositioned by loosening the friction braking wheel with interchangeable adaptors for an integrated PCS tip or 3/8″ thread.

Kits come supplied with low-profile XLR cables that have both an active in-line RF filter and switchable 80Hz low cut (requires phantom power). Versions of the cable with switchable 60Hz low cut, MZL, Digital Mics and others will also be available.


Max mic length: 315mm

Mic compatibility:


Box Contents:

2 Magnetic Locking Windshield Basket Halves
‘No Tools Needed’ mic mounting bar w/ cable clips
Multiple Pairs of advanced Lyre® Mounts
Friction Brake Swivel Arm w/ Integrated PCS Tip
Interchangeable 3/8″ Thread Mount For Swivel Arm (direct to boom/stand)
PCS Ergonomic Handle
Low-Profile XLR Cable With Active In-Line RF Filter & Switchable 80Hz Low Cut
360-Degree Adjustable & Reversible XLR Holder
2 Pairs of Wind Socks (Grey & Black)
Protective Case (not shown)