Skylite Rapid DoPchoice 60 Degree SNAPGRID® 3m x 3m



Skylite Rapid DoPchoice 60 Degree SNAPGRID® 3m x 3m.

  • Dedicated grid for the Skylite Rapid & Pro Scrim
  • Controls spill of light for absolute control over set ups
  • Rapid attachment and break-down
  • DoPchoice’s patented SNAPGRID® technology
  • Folds down ultra-compact into the included carry case

The Skylite Rapid DoPchoice 60 Degree SNAPGRID® is available in two sizes; 2x2m (6.5x6.5ft) and 3x3m (9.8x9.8ft) and compatible with the equivalent Skylite Rapid frame size. The 60-degree fabric grid design provides the user precise control over the spread of light from their Skylite Rapid diffuser panel. Ideal for professional content creators wanting to create a controlled dramatic look with a strong directional light and offering minimal spill outside of the subject area, this essential light control tool is the go-to accessory when crafting light on set.

The grid has been designed and created in collaboration with DoPchoice a leading cinema lighting control accessory manufacturer and features their patented instant set-up SNAPFRAMES, which unlike other grids ensure an instant set up and sag-free construction. It attaches to the front of a frame in seconds, using convenient elastic corner straps and secure hook and loop fastenings preventing twisted sections and ensuring even distribution of the fabric grid. Built using strong, hardwearing technical fabric and precisely manufactured to the highest quality standards, these tools are built to be used by even the most demanding professionals and created to last.

In keeping with the ethos of the rest of the Skylite Rapid range, these grids are ultra-portable and when it’s time to wrap up the shoot the grid simply folds down into the included compact carry case ready for the next shoot with a packed size of just 84x24cm (33x9.4in.).

It’s ultra-lightweight too, just 2.2kg (4.8lbs) for the 2x2m and 3.6kg (7.93lbs) for the 3x3m making it an ideal accessory for busy professionals wanting to keep the weight of their kit down to a minimum.