StellaPro Clx 10



StellaPro Clx 10.

  • The built-in RF receiver allows wireless control of any number of CLx10 lights from the wireless remote. The wireless range is up to 200 metres outdoors and 60 metres indoors.
  • The CLx10 can run completely cord-free for up to 245 minutes from its internal battery. The unit is approved for air travel.
  • For longer shoots, plug into any AC or DC power source, including D-Tap Gold-mount/V-Lock battery ‘bricks’ (D-Tap cable sold separately).
  • Dimming with stepped or continuous control, OLED Digital Display offers precise readout of RF settings, output, battery and charge status.
  • 120° Beam Angle: Easily adjust the native beam via a broad range of lightweight, portable modifiers, including a 25° Fresnel, 50° diffused optic, and dome diffuser.
  • High Output COB ‘Chip on Board’ LED eliminates the multi-shadow effect typical of panel-style light sources.
  • Integrated variable speed fan with low decibel levels only turns on when light output exceeds 5600 lumens.
  • Rugged Weatherproof Construction - the CLx10 can handle any weather (IP65 Rating)

The CL Series offers photographers a compact studio light capable of illuminating anywhere they can shoot. Powerful and portable, CLx10 expands the freedom to harness the power of new cameras, shoot anywhere, and stay creative in the moment.

A powerful, portable, rugged Continuous LED Light kit for professional photographers and videographers. StellaPro's CLx10 LED light expands the freedom to harness the power of new cameras, shoot anywhere, and stay in the creative moment. Its portability, flexible light shaping, and power, make it an ideal light for on-location work.

At only 1,237 grams/2.7lbs, the weight of a full frame mirrorless camera with an 85mm lens, the CLx10 delivers 10,000 lumens for 45 minutes from its internal battery or can run all day from AC power. Its remarkable output enables creative freedom to easily light anywhere. The bayonet mount optics allow you to adjust the beam from spot to diffuse. The bezel interface supports Profoto, Bowens and Chimera light shaping tools.


CLx10 Light, RF Remote Control, Profoto Adapter Ring, Integrated Umbrella Holder, Light Stand Mount, High Leverage Handle, Dome Diffuser, Barn Doors, 50° Focus Optic DM, 25° Fresnel, Gel Holder, Flat Port - DM, Press-On Modifier Interface, Power Supply, Soft Case with Shoulder Strap