Lastolite Vintage Background Tobacco/Olive in use for food photography


Manfrotto offer a wide range photo and videobackgrounds and backdrops for photographers to suit the needs of all types of content creators from photographers shooting still life, fashion or food, to videographers shooting on chroma key background for creative post production content.

From compact and portable to large scale and reusable, there is a background suitable for all scenarios.

During 2021 the Lastolite By Manfrotto products are all being rebranded to Manfrotto. The bringing together of these two highly respected brands means that Manfrotto now offers the most comprehensive range of innovative tools in the market, helping content creators to professionally compose their still and moving images.

As the Lastolite By Manfrotto brand transitions across to Manfrotto there will be a period of time where both brands are still visible in the market. If you are about to purchase a Manfrotto lighting product please be aware that depending on your timing and stock availability, you may receive either a Lastolite By Manfrotto or Manfrotto branded version. Please be assured the product is exactly the same, just branded differently.