Colorama Rolleasy 2.7m Stub Rollers



Colorama Rolleasy 2.7m Stub Rollers.

  • Suplied as a pair 
  • For use on a Rolleasy 2.72m wide system for supporting 2.72m paper rolls
  • Add a manual supplementary unit to increase the number of rolls on an existing system.

** Instead of using stub rollers, why not upgrade to our custom solid full width roller instead.  See related products further down the page.




Pair of Colorama Rolleasy 'Stub' rollers, designed to fit into either end of the core of a standard 2.72m x 11m background paper roll for mounting onto the Rolleasy system.

Add a manual drive unit to expand your system.

Not suitable for vinyl or canvas backgrounds - for these use a full width alloy roller.