Colorama Coloredge Paperweight & Cutting Edge

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Colorama Coloredge Paperweight & Cutting Edge.

  • Prevents waste by providing a straight cutting edge
  • Stops paper from creasing by having a uniform weight at the bottom of the paper roll
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Strong and durable design



Colorama Coloredge Paperweight & Cutting Edge clamp on aluminium bar for keeping paper backdrops free of creases and wrinkles by adding a uniform weight along the bottom of the paper.

Also helps keep rolls firmly rolled and also helps lower the paper down if wound up beyond arms reach!

When you're ready to cut a worn length, remove the bar from the end of the roll, move it up to the required position, and use the BOTTOM SIDE as a cutting edge, leaving the bar fixed to the new end of the roll.

Comes in 2 standard widths;

LL COCUT9 = 9' / 2.72m

LL COCUT12 = 12' / 3.55m

Please contact us if you require a custom width

Roll Width 2.72m (9')