Elinchrom FIVE Single Head Kit



Elinchrom FIVE Single Head Kit.

  • 522Ws of Portable Power - Elinchrom FIVE is the perfect partner for all photography styles
  • Active charging. Connect to a power source and shoot while
  • Detachable high capacity Li Ion battery. Up to 450 full power flashes on a single charge
  • USB C charge port. Charge from any USB C source
  • Tough and reliable. Built to withstand whatever the user or nature throw at it. With a recycling time of 1.3 seconds to full power and optimised cooling
  • Bi colour 27W LED modelling lamp. Adjustable colour temperature of 2700K to 6500K and 4000 Lumens output with a CRI 95
  • Elinchrom modifier mount. Native compatibility with Elinchrom accessories
  • Sync up to 1/8000s with HSS. Freeze motion, overpowers ambient light and darken backgrounds
  • TTL with Manual Lock. Enables a quick switch from TTL to Manual without losing exposure settings
  • Smart pro active cooling. The Elinchrom FIVE learns the users shooting style and adapts its cooling cycle to keep shooting
  • Built in Bluetooth Bridge. Adjust settings and control via the Elinchrom Studio App without the need for the Skyport Bridge

Always charged up for any adventure, inside or out.

The cable-free battery-powered Elinchrom FIVE with Active Charging lets you work in the studio while charging your battery or unplug and work on location with up to 450 full-power flashes from a single charge. The Elinchrom FIVE features a video-quality, 95 CRI LED modelling light ensuring you're always ready for your next creative adventure. Quick recycling times and high-quality construction mean the FIVE will keep up with intense location or studio photo shoots.

The removable onboard Li-Ion battery allows photographers an easy cable-free flash solution, and weighing only 3kg (including the battery) ensures this portable flash head is ready for any adventure, inside or out. 

Your perfect partner

Offering 522Ws of portable power, the Elinchrom FIVE is the perfect off-camera-flash (OCF) for any scenario. Shoot weddings, fashion, portraiture, corporate, food and more thanks to its rugged build quality and removable high-capacity Li-Ion battery.

Never lose momentum

Keep your workflow uninterrupted in the studio or on location with Active Charging. The Elinchrom FIVE can be connected to any USB-C power source, including the Elinchrom Powerbank 20,000 mAh and continue shooting while charging regardless of the battery’s power level.

Tough and reliable

The Elinchrom FIVE battery-powered strobe is built to withstand whatever you or Mother Nature throw at it. With a recycling time of 1.6 seconds to full power and optimised cooling, the FIVE will never let you down.

Power to shoot longer

With 450 full-power flashes and over 14,500 minimum-power flashes from a single charge, the Elinchrom FIVE ensures you have plenty of power for your location photo shoots.

Speed & simplicity with TTL

Elinchrom FIVE is the perfect partner for those time-sensitive photo shoots, where speed and convenience are paramount to getting the job done successfully. For manual shooters, the “Manual Lock” function allows you to get an initial “lock” on the exposure in TTL, and then switch to manual mode to make creative adjustments.

A familiar face

Elinchrom’s easy-to-use interface ensures you never miss a chance to capture the moment.

Simplify your workflow

Use the built-in Skyport Bridge to control the FIVE and other Elinchrom strobes via Bluetooth with the Elinchrom Studio software. Keep an overview of your lighting setup from your computer or mobile device and quickly adjust settings even when your flashes are out of reach. Custom setups can be saved and reloaded when needed, saving you time for your next shoot.

Download Elinchrom Studio software for macOS, Windows, iOS or Android HERE.

Kit Includes:

1 x Elinchrom Five

1 x Elinchrom Charger 65W UDB-C

1 x Elinchrom 16cm Reflector

1 x Elinchtom FIVE case

1 x Elinchrom FIVE battery

Size 26.3 x 16.7 x 28cm
Type Battery-Powered Flash Head
Weight 2.4kg (without battery) / 3kg (with battery)
Power Ws 522
Power Range Ws 7-522
Power Range (f stops) 7
Power Range Display 1/1-1/64
Power Increments in F-Stops 1/10th Manual Mode, 3/10th from -3 to +3 TTL Mode (with Skyport Transmitter Pro)
Power Source Battery (Li-Ion - 82Wh / DC 14.4V) / Mains (65W USB-C Wall Charger)
Battery Run Time Up to 14,600 flashes (min power) / Up to 450 flashes (max power)
Battery Charge Time to 100% 1 hour 35 mins (battery in unit) / 2 hour 35 mins (battery out of unit)
Battery Charge Time to 80% 1 hour (battery in unit) / 2 hour (battery out of unit)
Min Flash Duration s 1/8080 (Action Mode) / 1/1800 (Normal Mode)
Flash Duration Max Power s 1/250 (t0.1)
Recycling time s 0.01 - 1.6
Colour Temp °K 5600K (Normal Mode) / 5900k (Action Mode) +/- 200 °K over power range
Input  USB-C
Sync Voltage 5V (Compatible with all cameras)
Sync Socket 3.5mm Jack (Sync cable sold separatley)
Number of Heads 1
Modelling Lamp 26w LED, 4000 lumen, 2700-6500K, CRI 95
Modelling Lamp Mode On, Off, Free, Proportional, VFC
LED Run Time Up to 30 hours (min power) / Up to 2hours 15 mins (max power)
Fitting Type Elinchrom
Flash Mode TTL (with Transmitter Pro), Manual
HSS Up to 1/8000s (with Transmitter Pro)
Action Mode Yes. Faster flash duration over the power range
Auto Power Dumping Adjusts power settings automatically in real time
Power Stability +/-0.5%
Flash Tube Plug-in user replaceable. SKU ELIN849 (MPN 24092)
Glass Dome Transparent, screwed with 3x Torx TX10
Radio Triggering Skyport, 20 frequencies, 4 groups, TTL & Manual
Radio Range Indoor up to 60m. Outdoor up to 200m
Bluetooth Built-in Bluetooth version 4.2 / Compatible Studio Software Win, Android, Mac, iOS
Fan Cooled Yes, smart pro active cooling
Umbrella Fitting Centred umbrella fitting 7-8mm
MPN 20960.1