Phottix Nuada Ring 40C Bi-Colour Video LED Kit



Phottix Nuada Ring 40C Bi-Colour Video LED Kit.

  • Flicker-free LED technology
  • Bi-Colour
  • Excellent colour rendering - CRI 96+ (TLCI 98+) 
  • Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO2) via IR wireless remote control with 3 channels
  • Adjustable Brightness and Colour Temperature Control 
  • 3 x Cold shoe mount and 2 x USB power output
  • Compact size – 20mm thick
  • Smartphone bluetooth shutter with the Remote Control

The Nuada Ring 40C LED is a 15” diameter bi-colour LED light with an impressive CRI rating of 96+/TLCI 98+. Featuring wireless control via the included ECO2 Phottix IR transmitter, this versatile ring light incorporates three cold shoe mounts to provide a range of mounting positions for digital cameras, smartphones, microphones, and other accessories. It also includes three smartphone clips, providing a variety of shooting options for photography, video or live streaming and broadcast applications.

Dimmable colour temperature and brightness can be adjusted from the Phottix LED Ecosystem infrared wireless remote control with 3 channels (CH1/CH2/CH3)/

On the rear of the panel 2x 5V/2A USB output ports can supply power to a smartphone or camera. The Nuada Ring 40C is powered by a multi-voltage AC power supply (included).

This kit includes an Phottix F-180 Light Stand. The Phottix F-180 Light Stand 180cm is just 46cm when collapsed, making it easy to transport from one location to another. Featuring a reverse fold design this compact and light weight stand won't make a dent in your luggage allowance. Quick Release Flip-Locks make this stand quick to setup and pack away.

What's Included:

  • 1x LED Panel
  • 1x IR remote control
  • 1x Smartphone clip
  • 1x AC/DC Adapter
  • 1x AC Power Cable
  • 1x F-180 Light stand
Colour Rendering Index 96+
Colour Temperature 2600K – 5600K
Max Brightness / Illuminance 700Lux @ 1m (@5600K)
Power Consumption 42W @ LED full power
Input Power Operation Voltage DC 5V 2A
Dimensions Dia. 380mm x 20mm (without stand)
Weight 2.4kg (with stand)