Phottix Nuada R3 II Bi-Colour Video LED Light (13") Twin Kit with Remote



Phottix Nuada R3 II Bi-Colour Video LED Light (13") Twin Kit with Remote.

  • Softlight design offering 50W of flattering light
  • Excellent colour - CRI rating of 96+ (TLCI 98+)
  • Wireless Brightness and Temperature Control
  • Battery and AC Power Modes
  • Compact size – 12mm thick
  • Dimmable and flicker free

The Phottix Nuada R3 II VLED Video LED is a soft and flattering yet powerful light source. Using the latest in LED technology, the R3 is easy to use and perfect for both novice and professional photographers and videographers. Featuring wireless control via the included ECO1 Phottix transmitter, an increased 50W output, and a CRI rating of 96+ (TLCI 98+) - the second generation of the popular Nuada R3 offers some welcome improvements.

This lightweight 12mm thick circular LED panel is easily adjustable via the included yoke, making it perfect for creatives on-the-go. From make-up artists to vloggers and product photographers – the R3 is at home in your studio or on-location. The Phottix Nuada R3 runs on the widely available Sony-compatible NP style batteries (not included) and and AC adapter for use with mains power, is included.

Featuring dimmable colour temperature and brightness via the included with the two parameters can be adjusted via the 2.4G wireless remote control or the R3 II back control panel. Heads can be assigned to one of three groups (A/B/C) on 40 available channels. Cross compatible with other Phottix LEDs from the ECO1 ecosystem, including Nuada R4 II and Kali 50.

What’s Included:

• 2x Nuada R3 II VLED Panel
• 2x P220 Light Stand (220cm/87")
• 1x Remote control
• 2x AC adapter (US & UK & AU & EU plug)
• 1x Carrying Bag

Running Time on Battery Power (5600k at Max Power):

2x NP-F750 4400mAh = 60min 2x NP-F960 6600mAh = 109min


Colour Temperature

3200K – 5600K

Brightness Range

01% – 100%

Max Brightness / Illuminance

1400Lux @ 1m

Max Power

50W @ full power

Colour Rendering Index / TLCI

CRI 96+ / TLCI 98+

AC/DC Adaptor Operation Voltage 


Battery Life (5600K at Max Power)

2 x NP-F750 (7.4V 2000mAh) 60 min
2 x NP-F970 (7.4V 2000mAh) 109 min

LED Numbers

136 PCS Cool color
136 PCS Warm color


430mm x 433mm x 32mm


2140g (not include battery)

R3 II Twin Pack Kit Carry Bag Dimensions

800mm x 400mm x 130mm

R3 II Twin Pack Kit Carry Bag weight

9430g (not include battery)

Remote Control

40 channels 2.4G wireless remote control

Remote Control Range


Battery Operation

AAA x 2