Sekonic L208 Twinmate Meter


SE L208

Sekonic L208 Twinmate Meter.

  • Rapid change between incident and reflected measurement
  • Instant light of diaphragm / speed couple
  • Memorisation of the position for 15s when button is released
  • Light reception angle of 33 °
  • Easy attachment to the camera's flash claw

The L-208 TwinMate from Sekonic is a palm-sized analog light meter for hand-held incident and reflected ambient light readings.It can also be mounted onto a camera or bracket using the hot-shoe adapter (included) for quick, camera-positioned reference readings.

Designed primarily for entry-level users, long-time shooters look to the Sekonic L-208 TwinMate as an accurate, easy-to-stow, back-up meter. Owners of rangefinder cameras who require an incident and reflected meter also appreciate the included shoe mount.

The lumisphere enables accurate incident readings. Retract the lumisphere to take reflective readings. A hold-and-read function maintains readings for 15 seconds after releasing the measurement button to allow time to evaluate settings. The L-208 is powered by a single, long-lasting CR2032 lithium battery.

Weight0.045 Kg