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Ceiling Track System Complete Kit

(£745.00 excl. VAT)

Free up studio floor space with our Ceiling Track System Kit, designed to handle two heads with maximum flexibility.

The light spigot of the pantograph (standard 5/8" shank) will be approx 45cm below ceiling level when the pantograph is fully closed, and have a drop of approximately 200 cm when fully extended.

This kit comprises:

4 x 3m rails with end stops and roof fixings

2 x 1.5m rails with end stops

2 x pantographs fitted with carriage and light spigot.

4 x Double swivels

6 x cable carriers

This is designed to give the layout seen in the main image of 2 'H's with one light on each for maximum flexibility of position, and with the fixed rail pairs spaced at 750mm apart, and 1500mm between the pairs, coverage of an area 3m x 4.5 m is achieved, as the mobile rail moves sideways.

We can however tailor the kit to meet your exact needs, this may be through increasing the fixed or sliding rail lengths, splicing rails together or fixings for mounting underneath a false or complicated ceiling (see photos for just a couple of ideas).  Call or email for a no-obligation quotation.

Manufactured in the EU.