Wall Mounted Rolleasy Background Handling system in a studio


These Rolleasy Background Handling Systems are renowned for their ease of use and robust quality, which makes them ideal for photography studios. With wall and ceiling mounted options for supporting backgrounds (using specific brackets), they can be mounted as required.

They can support up to 7 rolls, which makes for quick and safe changes to your backgrounds.

Paper, vinyl and canvas backdrops are supported with the use of stub rollers for the lighter rolls or solid, continuous rollers for heavy duty work.

If your studio building has particular challenges then we can customise to suit. And if installing is not your thing (or you don't have the time) then our installation service means you can focus on the photography. Email / Call Gareth for more details.

The Colorama Rolleasy System is so hard wearing and reliable, there is a 4 year warranty, from date of purchase, against defective parts.